"My Name is Siri" is a documentary in the making.

An inspiring story that must be told:

We are the Chettipally family. We struggled for two decades before discovering a place in the world for our daughter, Siri, who is severely challenged by autism. At age 22, Siri discovered a talent and passion for making beautiful jewelry, which she now distributes widely. Our short documentary is aimed at a wide audience - not just families who face the extraordinary challenges of raising a child with autism, but anyone yearning for a story of perseverance, faith and hope. Our goal is to help others, show them that they are not alone, and illustrate how we supported Siri to gain the skills she has today.

The video will be distributed online, for free. We estimate completing the film in the Spring of 2020.

Click on this link to know how you can be a part of Siri's documentary! https://bit.ly/2l0hAbT

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  • I’ve just started going through your blogs, at the very outset I would like to appreciate your efforts in putting it to people. Thank you so much this builds lot of hope to people who are stranded with despair. That’s a great job

    • Dinesh Jeeru