Siri's ability to recall ...

Siri this evening came to me with a hair brush, a comb and her hair dryer and said “mommy to do my hair”. I was almost done with my coffee, I took my final sip and told Siri to put away my coffee cup in the kitchen. 

She went and came back. I dried her hair for about 20mts and applied some oil to detangle her hair. Then asked Siri where is the hair brush ? She immediately said “in the kitchen”.

This is the ability to “recall”. Siri has been struggling with this concept from the beginning. If this was before she would say “hair brush all gone” and would start crying and would get very anxious. 

Ever since she started working on the jewelry, her ability to problem solving, patience to wait has improved and today we have seen the ability to recall. 

Siri has come a very long way. Excited to see what the future holds for her beautiful life. 

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