One question which always haunted me ...

When Siri was at this age I was very frustrated and felt disappointed at my parenting.  I would always wonder as to how other mothers felt so connected with their kids and how come I never did? They go shopping with them, they go walking with them and they even take them to parks but I never felt comfortable enough to do any of that.  Always waited for my husband who worked long odd shifts as an ER physician. Couldn’t make any friends either because I felt cornered. 


I blamed my inadequate personality for not being able to be a good mom for my first born. Even after her diagnosis I didn’t see anything wrong with my child.  


It was heartbreaking when my cousin with her daughter of the same age as Siri visited me. I could see clearly the difference.  


Siri had gone through so much in life which I can never forget. Writing a book before my age takes away the memories I have of my sweet child. She had come a very long way from when she got diagnosed. 


Please visit her YouTube channel to learn more about Siri "Designs By Siri".






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