Siri for a blood test with only mom for the first time.

Siri had blood test today.  She was so well behaved, she took the number and sat down for her turn.  She was listening to the numbers being called and was checking her slip to see if it’s hers. She patiently waited until they called hers and went to register.  After registration she had to wait for another line to be called where they do the actual blood draw. 

She went when called and sat with a smile on her gorgeous face.  The technician asked if we were related to the doctor to which she said “yes”. I was pleasantly surprised. Her dad works in the ER.

After the blood draw we went for green tea with boba. Hope her blood test results will turnout to be normal. 

My first time taking her for a blood test and she was so easy.  She is becoming comfortable with me ever since her talent of making jewelry connected us.  It’s weird but only myself and she can understand the meaning of it. Hoping my book would be able to explain our connection.


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  • I too feel a special connection with my boy Wyatt. It is only between us and in our special way that we understand communication from someone with autism. Wyatt does very well at Indiana University in Indianapolis. We continue to have high hopes for his bright future ahead. Gods Blessings to all in the Chettipally family. Can’t wait to share your book with him!

    • Richard VanDyke