Siri showing improvements in her communication skills ...

In the morning after CARD and breakfast, I requested Siri to continue working on the bag inserts for Autism Society of Wisconsin Conference. I asked her “Siri you want mommy to help you or no”? She said “no”. I asked, “Nana, you want to watch YouTube while working”. Siri said “YouTube yes”. She worked until I completed cooking lunch. 

After I left the kitchen she worked for 30mts more and then the stapler sound stopped. I didn’t go to check on her as I know she is watching her YouTube channel. I could hear the dance songs of Telugu, Hindi and Spanish languages. 

It’s just me and Siri at home. She was in the dining room while I was in the family room. I suddenly heard Siri say “mommy” from the dining room. First time ever, she never calls anyone from another room. I said “yes nana ?” then she said, “I want YouTube”. I said “ok nana” and went back to what I was doing (preparing for tomorrow radio shows). 

After a few minutes, I realized that she never did this before and was pleasantly surprised. I asked her from the family room “nana Siri you want mom to help you with YouTube or you want to watch YouTube?” Siri said, “I want to watch YouTube”. Which means she is letting me know that she doesn’t want to work but watch YouTube. 

Siri has developed so much that I am getting used to my New Siri ♥️. 

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